Welcome to Dor-Gate Access Systems
Industrial Gates Specialist

Dor-Gate Access Systems has been providing security gates for commercial areas, industrial sites, businesses, factories, government agencies, and companies who need security gates they can trust, for more than 20 years.

As perimeter security becomes more and more crucial in the commercial market don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to installing security gates for your factory or industrial site. For your own peace of mind make sure you install a product that is simple, reliable and above all, secure

We are manufacturers and suppliers of:

  • Electrical Control Gear
  • Bullet Gate Systems
  • Darte Gate Systems
  • Cantilever Gate Systems
  • Rodent Resistant Gate Systems
  • Security Gates (commercial only)
  • Barrier Arms
  • Vehicle Loop Detectors

Our flagship gate system is the 'Bullet Series' High Velocity, Trackless Sliding Gate System. Its high speed and intelligent operation makes it suitable for areas where previously only barrier arms could be fitted but which provided no security from pedestrian traffic.

Designed with the Client in Mind

At Dor-Gate Access Systems we evaluate and experiment with new products and develop and design our own ideas to give our clients exactly what they want.

We take pride in our ability to offer our customers innovative and modern solutions to their security problems. When your security gates absolutely have to open and securely close, we can provide the solution that will prevent security breaches and control traffic.

Once your security gate is installed, Dor-Gate Access Systems are committed to providing the best support available in the industry for your total customer satisfaction.

Low Impact on the Environment

Our gates are designed to have as little impact as possible on the existing environment. They can be manufactured to suit your requirements and will remain functional whatever the architect’s design brief.

Manufacturers of:

  • Bullet Series Gate Systems
  • Darte Series Gate Systems
  • Rodent Resistant Gate Systems

Security is your concern but it’s our business. When it comes to manufacturing and installing high-quality, robust security gate systems nobody knows the industry quite like we do. So contact Dor-Gate Access Systems for all your security gate needs.