Qik Automatic Barriers

Safe and reliable, smartly designed yet practical, the Qik range of automatic barriers boast high performance capabilities and make for a sustainable choice in any environment. Qik barriers are ideal for creating safe access control for medium to high transit areas that require access control of car parking areas to ensure use to authorised vehicles only.

Features include:

  • An electronic panel on the top part of barrier allows easy access for maintenance
  • A key-operated level release system can be promptly accessed from the inspection side, is fitted with a cover plate, and the system can be safely handled in emergencies in the event of a power failure.
  • The aluminium arm, which can be round or elliptical, is designed to avoid shearing problems, with a rubber guard on both the top and bottom section and a rounded rotation pin. The elliptical shape ensures better wind resistance, and eliminates swinging in the 5.8m version.
  • Available with Battery Power Backup if continued operation is required during a mains failure.
  • The arm is fitted with a rubber end plug and provision for accessories (pivot pins, red reflector strips, fixed and moving mountings, vandal-proof electronic lock, skirting and battery kit).
  • To ensure more visibility the direct current version has an arm lighting kit. The LED turns off when the arm is up, flashes when the arm is moving, and is continuously lit when the arm is down.
  • The balancing system uses a single compression spring, with 5 differently coloured springs available, allowing the arm to be correctly balanced according to its dimensions. It can easily be installed on the right or left-hand side, has 2 limit switches on the alternating current version and one encoder on the direct current version, allowing for ease of further adjustments to arm. They’re also fitted with 2 adjustable mechanical stops.