Developed and designed right here in New Zealand, the Bullet Series High Velocity Trackless (cantilever) Sliding Gate System has become the flagship of Dor-Gate Access Systems. Its high speed and intelligent operation makes it suitable for areas where previously only barrier arms could be fitted, which provided no security from pedestrian traffic.

Features include:

  • Full Cantilever Operation (No road surface obstruction)
  • High Operating Speed 1.2 metre/second (2.0 metre/second on special requests)
  • Motor accelerates to full speed & motor de-accelerates to stop position
  • 24 VDC Battery Backup - up to 400 consecutive operations under mains failure
  • 3 Sets Safety Photo-Electric Beams - 2 inside, 1 outside
  • 2 Safety Vehicle inductance loops
  • 2 Sets Red, Amber, Green Standard Traffic Signals - Transit NZ Approved
  • Powered coated and/or 2 pot epoxy to customer colour requirements.
  • Steel Construction with attractive Aluminium Security Mesh Panels
  • Illuminated Self Diagnostics (simple fault finding)
  • Bi-Directional PLC Program (traffic direction can be controlled by alternating traffic lights)
  • Pedestrian Opening Feature (gate only opens 1 metre for pedestrians)
  • Interface to New or Existing Access Control Systems with Gate Position Indicator
  • Thru-Bolt Installation – Easily Relocatable